Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Stirrers


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Lime washer stirrers automatically produce Lime washer to replace the evaporated water in seawater aquariums. They must be used in combination with an automatic top-up device, for example the Niveaumat. The make-up water is pumped from a reverse osmosis or reservoir through the Kalkwasser stirrer. A sediment of calcium hydroxide powder is slowly stirred in the unit so that it is kept in suspension.

For aquariums up to 1500 liters (approx. 400 gal); dimensions: app. 11 cm Ø x 50 cm high, (approx. 4.3 “Ø x approx. 20”), connection: 4/6 mm (approx. 1/4 “) hose

Recommended accessories: Level or aqua level with SP 3000 dosing pump


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Kalkwasser Stirrers

KS-100, KS-150

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